Trojan is designed to operate in correctly configured TLS connections, as it does not provide encryption on its own.

Trojan Inbound

  • Name: trojan
  • Type: Inbound Protocol
  • ID: inbound.trojan

users : [string]

A set of recognized password for this inbound.

packetEncoding: ["None" | "Packet"]

UDP packet encoding method,None by default。(v5.4.0+)

When this value is None , UDP connections will be split into streams based on their destination (Address and Port-Dependent Mapping)。

When this value is Packet, UDP connections from a single source connection will be encoded as UDP packet addr connection, which will be restored to its original form by a supported outbound as an Endpoint Independent Mapping UDP connection. This UDP behaviour is also known as FullCone or NAT1.

Trojan Outbound

  • Name: trojan
  • Type: Outbound Protocol
  • ID: outbound.trojan

address: string

The server address. Both IP and domain name is supported.

port: number

The server port number.

password: string

A password recognized by server.