Dokodemo door is an inbound data protocol. It can listen to a local port and send all data entering this port to a port of the designated server, so as to achieve the effect of port mapping.

Dokodemo Inbound

  • Name: blackhole
  • Type: Inbound Protocol
  • ID: inbound.blackhole

address: string

Forward traffic to this address. It can be an IP address, like "", or a domain name, like "". String type.

When followRedirect (see below) is true, address can be empty.

port: number

Forward traffic to the specified port of the destination address, range [1, 65535], numeric type. Required parameters.

networks: string

The type of network protocol that can be received. For example, when it is specified as "tcp", any gate will only receive TCP traffic. The default value is "tcp".

followRedirect: true | false

When the value is true, dokodemo-door will recognize the data forwarded by iptables and forward it to the corresponding destination address.