HTTP Proxy Protocol can be used to exchange proxied traffic with other applications using HTTP protocol.

HTTP Inbound

  • Name: http
  • Type: Inbound Protocol
  • ID: inbound.http


Although HTTP inbound could be used to provide proxy service to remote users, it does not support encryption or authentication.

It is designed for providing proxy service to a local device or local network.


If the incoming HTTP proxy connection's HTTP Header's User Agent exists and is empty, that header would be removed. This could allow remote end point discover you are using this program.

HTTP Outbound

  • Name: http
  • Type: Outbound Protocol
  • ID: outbound.http

address: string

The server address. Both IP and domain name is supported.

port: number

The server port number.

h1SkipWaitForReply: bool

Do not wait for server reply before sending the connection data. (v5.6.0+)