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UUID Generator


There is a third-party UUID generator uuidgenerator.netopen in new window.

Third-party GUI Clients


V2RayNG is an Android APP based on V2Ray core, VPN connections can be created with VMess.


V2RayN is a V2Ray client running on Windows.


V2rayU,a macOS client based on V2Ray core. It's programmed with Swift 4.2, supporting for VMess, Shadowsocks, SOCKS5 and other protocols. Subscription, QR code, importing from clipboard, custom config and QR sharing features are also supported.


Cross-platform client based on V2Ray Core, supporting Linux, Windows and macOS, with SSR / Trojan / Trojan-Go / NaiveProxy plugin support. No batched speed test, no automatic update, and not for beginners.

Routing Rules

V2Ray Rules Dat

Enhanced edition of V2Ray routing rules files, a good replacement for official geoip.dat and geosite.dat @Loyalsoldier/v2ray-rules-datopen in new window