# Remote control API

Some V2Ray APIs can be opened for remote control. These APIs are based on gRPC (opens new window). This API is mostly for advanced users.

When remote control is turned on, V2Ray will build an outbound proxy by itself, which is identified by the value of the tag configuration. The user must manually point all inbound gRPC connections to this outbound proxy through routing.

# ApiObject

ApiObject corresponds to the api item of the configuration file.

    "tag": "api",
    "services": [

tag: string

Outbound proxy ID.

services: [string]

The list of available APIs, see API list for details.

# List of supported APIs

# HandlerService

Some of the APIs that modify the inbound and outbound proxy:

  • Add a new inbound proxy;
  • Add a new outbound proxy;
  • Delete an existing inbound proxy;
  • Delete an existing outbound proxy;
  • Add a user to an inbound proxy (only support VMess, VLESS, Trojan);
  • Delete a user in an inbound proxy (only support VMess, VLESS, Trojan);

# LoggerService

Supports the restart of the built-in Logger, and can cooperate with logrotate to perform some operations on the log file.

# StatsService

The built-in data statistics service, please refer to Statistics for details.

# ObservatoryService

Connection Observatory API (v4.38.0+).