• Name: freedom
  • Type: Outbound Protocol

Freedom is an outbound protocol that can be used to send (normal) TCP or UDP data to any network.


    "domainStrategy": "AsIs",
    "redirect": "",
    "userLevel": 0

domainStrategy: "AsIs" | "UseIP" | "UseIPv4" | "UseIPv6"

When the target address is a domain name, Freedom can send a connection directly to this domain name ("AsIs"), or resolve the domain name to an IP before establishing a connection ("UseIP", "UseIPv4" and "UseIPv6" ). The step of resolving IP will use V2Ray built-in DNS. The default value is "AsIs".

(V2Ray 4.6+) When the "UseIP" mode is used and the sendThrough is specified in Outbound Connection Configuration, Freedom will automatically determine the location based on the value of sendThrough The type of IP required, IPv4 or IPv6.

(V2Ray 4.7+) When using "UseIPv4" or "UseIPv6" mode, Freedom will only use the corresponding IPv4 or IPv6 address. When sendThrough specifies a local address that does not match, the connection will fail.

redirect: address_port

Freedom will force all data to be sent to the specified address (instead of the address specified by the inbound protocol). The value is a string, example: "", ":1234". When the address is not specified, such as ":443", Freedom will not modify the original target address. When the port is 0, such as " 0", Freedom will not modify the original port.

userLevel: number

User level, all connections will be this level.